Website Design, Development, Deployment

CMG offers an integrated process for site plan development, content development, site design and implementation, as well as Search Engine Optimization and sales enablement.


Push or pull, your B2B website is the cornerstone of your marketing initiatives. Pull initiatives (such as SEO and SEM) work to ensure that prospects drawn to your site as part of their quest for products and services. Push initiatives (direct marketing, advertising, etc.) use your site as a primary response vehicle for demand generation activities.

Either way, first impression or next step, your website is the face of your company. Creating an effective site in the midst of so much clutter is challenging. But contrary to what some agencies might have you believe, creating a website that works is neither rocket science nor some nebulous feat of divine inspiration.

Websites Optimized... To Sell!

We've designed, developed and deployed a lot of websites through the years. And in the process, we've discovered how to (how not to) create an effective website - one that furthers the sales process.

We begin with an overall assessment of your existing website - your likes and dislikes, what's working and what's not. We discuss your goals and objectives for the site, and your business.

We then develop a revised navigation architecture including Site Plan and Wireframes. We devise a creative strategy that ensures your website reflects your brand. And develop an architecture that leads your visitor to take action.

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