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The CMO Solution

Upon developing a full understanding of the organization's goals for growth, CMO first assessed the validity of launching the brand under the C2 Solutions name. Research demonstrated that, to date, the C2 name carried little value in the marketplace and had the potential to be confused with other companies operating under a similar name, in a similar market. Therefore, CMO recommended that the company launch to market under a new name. After further due diligence on the owner's part, it was discovered that their previously held name, Total Site Solutions, remained legally entitled to them. CMO recommended going forward with the brand launch under this name, since it much more accurately reflected the nature of the company's business.

Subsequently, CMO commissioned a market research study to acquire specific data regarding market size and opportunities for Total Site Solutions. The results of this study were key to the development of the company's growth strategy going forward.

CMO launched an integrated national advertising and trade show campaign for Total Site Solutions and developed a complete package of marketing materials supporting their brand, including trade show properties, marketing collateral, advertisements, employee and customer newsletters and presentations.

Total Site Solutions merged with Fortress International Group, a public company, in early 2007. Since then, the company has been on an accelerated growth path with an aggressive acquisition strategy.