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The CMG Solution

Based on the dual challenge of an emerging market, and Sands Research's lack of brand identity and name recognition, CMO began by first working with the co-founders to more clearly define their offering and target market. The owners' previous company sold products exclusively to the science-driven medical community. This new offering required a shift in thinking; selling science into an industry driven by creativity and competition. CMO conducted a series of Discovery Sessions focused on developing the "science" into a packaged market-focused "solution." The result was the branding of Sands Research's Neuro Engagement Factor, or NEF™ score, which rates the level of consumer's emotional engagement in advertising. The scoring process and results, per study, are detailed in a series of multimedia reports delivered by Sands Research that details consumer's emotional engagement down to the millisecond.

In addition, CMO worked with Sands Research to translate their offerings into key messages, tag lines, initial marketing materials and improved investor materials. A series of Email blasts was also developed to target Brand Managers of Fortune 500 companies.

Since working with CMO, Sands Research has successfully penetrated several Fortune 500 firms.